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California CLASS Surpasses $1 Billion Milestone in Assets

Offering California Public Agencies Additional Investment Opportunities  

Sacramento, California, February 6, 2024 – California CLASS, California’s newest joint powers authority investment pool designed exclusively for California public agencies, proudly announces that it has surpassed managing over $1 billion in assets. *  

“We are truly grateful for our participants and partners both at the California Special Districts Association and the League of California Cities for their support in assisting California CLASS achieve this milestone,” said Bob Shull, Senior Director of Investment Services. “We believe this new achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional services statewide.” 

With a steadfast dedication to prudent investment strategies and a focus on meeting the unique needs of its participants, California CLASS has achieved remarkable asset growth since its inception in July 2022. The pooled investment program designed to assist public agencies with the management of their short-term funds, offers investment options tailored to meet the needs of public agencies, such as cities, counties, and special districts. These investment options are carefully curated to prioritize safety, liquidity, and yield. 

By pooling their funds together, participating agencies can benefit from economies of scale and access to a diverse portfolio of investments managed by a seasoned portfolio management team. This allows them to potentially earn higher returns on their investments while maintaining prudent risk management practices. 

California CLASS aims to provide its participants with convenient and efficient cash management solutions, helping them optimize the use of their funds to support essential public services and projects. Through its commitment to transparency, ease of use, and exceptional service, California CLASS strives to be a trusted partner for public agencies across the state. 

As California CLASS continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional investment solutions that empower public finance professionals to enhance the financial future of their community with confidence. 

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