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Information Needed to Enroll in California CLASS

Participation in California CLASS is open to all public agencies in the state of California that have the authority to invest their treasury funds. According to California Government Code 6500, the federal government or any federal department or agency, this state, another state or any state department or agency, a county, county board of education, county superintendent of schools, city, public corporation, public district, or regional transportation commission of the State of California or another state, or any joint powers authority formed pursuant to this article [Article 1 of the Joint Exercise of Powers Act] by any of these agencies can participate in California CLASS.  Additionally, according to Section 6509.7, a nonprofit corporation whose membership is confined to public agencies or public officials may also participate. For more details on how to open an account, please refer to the applicable Information Statements below or contact the California CLASS Relationship Team.

Documents Needed to Manage Your Existing California CLASS Account:

Current California CLASS Participants can find forms necessary to maintain their accounts by logging into the California CLASS Participant Portal or contacting the California CLASS Client Service team.


Under California Senate Bill No. 272 SEC. 2. Section 6270.5, local agencies are required to provide a catalog of enterprise systems. The management of California CLASS is under the direction of a Board of Trustees comprised of eligible program participants. The Board of Trustees has appointed Public Trust Advisors, LLC (Public Trust) to serve as the Investment Advisor and Administrator of the program. For more information on the advisory services provided by Public Trust, please review the Public Trust Advisors Form ADV Part 2A.